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Modern Lawn Care will build your lawn a unique tailor made program, based upon what type of lawn you require and what your lawn needs.

*subject to area


Our standard program brings together the necessary elements of lawn care for a healthy, beautiful lawn. 


  • 5 organic feeds per year

  • Scarification once per year

  • Hollow-Tine Aeration once per year

  • Organic fungicide treatment to combat changing environmental conditions 

Prices are based on your lawn size and condition. Please enquire with your address, photos and estimated lawn size. 



Our elite program is for the more challenging lawn, based upon poor soils leading to less natural thatch breakdown. It combines our standard program but with a greater improvement within the soils. This is a combination of the following: 

  • 5 organic feeds per year 

  • Scarification twice per year (Spring & Autumn) 

  • Hollow-Tine Aeration twice per year 

  • Unlimited organic fungicides

  • Granular Wetting Agent (Spring) 

  • Seed and soil where required

  • Seaweed and bio-stimulant applications

Prices are based on your lawn size and condition. Please enquire with your address, photos and estimated lawn size. 




When removing grass and putting it into the grass box or compost pile, essential food is removed. This makes a feed program an essential part of keeping your lawn healthy as well as how you feed them. Choosing organics over polymer coated fertilisers is a way to feed your soils as well as enhancing the appearance. Seasonal changes mean that nutrient requirements are changing, at Modern Lawn Care we use nothing but organic feeds that will enhance plant density thus reducing any need for using herbicides. 

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Feed & Weed


Whilst many scarify lawns, it's often done without people knowing what they are doing it for. Modern Lawn Care prides itself on setting the bar and educating many others. We scarify for a host of reasons. Pruning our native grasses to develop thicker is our main reason. However, keeping thatch levels sensible so that moss spores don't have any chance to develop is another. Improves surfaces , lawn density and an increase in fine native grass species is another. 

Scarification can be done in spring, autumn or both. There often its done (maintenance scarifying) the better and faster a lawn will recover, the thicker and healthier it will be. 



The key to any lawn and life is in fact oxygen. It improves our soils which inevitably leads to healthy plants (lawns). At Modern Lawn Care, we again lead the way in understanding soil science and knowing what type of aeration will benefit your lawn. Something done on sports grounds for example, may not work on your lawn. 

Aerating on sandier soils won't always see the benefits from selective aeration procedures. What works on loam will probably have little success on heavy clay. Aeration has to serve a purpose and the type of aeration you do will only work for you it it's the right kind of aeration. Understanding soils, soil structures and what type will benefit you is key. 



The weather is changing quickly and we need to adapt to those changes. Ensuring lawns are able to adapt, machine are suitable and products are safe. We also have the ability, unlike most companies to look after your lawn should you wish a beautiful lawn or a croquet lawn standard. 

We can start your lawn from new ensuring natural grasses are used, amendments and additives are added at the beginning to ensure better use of water, fertilisers and future plant health. 

  • We can re-construct your lawn

  • We can install automatic irrigation systems

  • We can create wildflower havens 

  • We can improve your existing lawn

  • We will help you choose the correct lawn mower and machinery as well as supply

In fact, we can look after and enhance your lawn, whatever your requirements. 

Planning & the Environment
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